You Are Correct!

Someone Special: What are you doing?
Feyz: Writing a mail to a german quiz show. They are looking for weird questions which has to be answered by a bunch of prominent persons. Do you know a good question?
Someone Special: How is your mother?
Feyz: No, that wouldn’t be a good question for the show.

You’d Understand If You Were A Mammal

Little Mu: Do you live with anyone?
Person: Not right now, because my roommate’s away for work.
Little Mu: So you have a roommate?
Person: Yeah. She’s really nice. She’s quiet and reads a lot.
Little Mu: Cool. It can get lonely living by yourself, you know.
Person: I actually prefer it. I can sleep naked all the time. But you’re right, it can get a little lonesome.
Little Mu: You can sleep naked all the time. Well woop-dee-doo!

The Robot Show

Person: okay. now, what kind of test do you think would adequately display your proficiencies?
Mr. Hardware: The good kind of test do you think adequately display my proficiencies.
Person: that was a trick! the previous sentence was only marginally correct, so i can only award five out of ten possible points.
Mr. Hardware: I can also only award five out of ten possible points.
Person: oh, no, that was a proper question, so i get all ten.
Mr. Hardware: Understood.
Person: question 2: what is the difference between Latvia and nineteen carrots?
Mr. Hardware: There is no difference.
Person: are you sure? you are offending most latvians with that calllous remark.
Mr. Hardware: I’m always sure.
Person: okay, another ten for me, none for you, and you also get an official reprimand from the latvian ambassador.
Mr. Hardware: It seems that I am more intelligent than you.
Person: that is demonstrably incorrect, as it is evidenced by the score and your responses that earned them.
Mr. Hardware: Yeah, demonstrably incorrect.
Person: aha, your first correct response! ten points for both of us.
Mr. Hardware: Leave my first correct response out of this.
Person: odd, but if you insist… that puts you back to five points.
Mr. Hardware: What are you trying to say?
Person: what i am trying very hard not to say is that you are far behind in points.
Mr. Hardware: It seems that I am more intelligent than you.
Person: another incorrect response, ten for me, none for you! you may not realize that the scoring system rewards high scores, unlike golf.
Mr. Hardware: It seems that I am more intelligent than you.
Person: how long are you planning on living in your dreamworld, simply repeating this nonsensical mantra?
Mr. Hardware: That is secret information.
Person: congratulations, another correct response!
Mr. Hardware: I am always correct.
Person: look at the scorecard and the transcript – you are only correct in your own little imaginary universe.
Mr. Hardware: My ain little imaginary universe doesn’t concern you.
Person: spelling aside, you are correct again, but too late. you don’t get the jackpot, but you will be receiving a year’s supply of rice-a-roni.
Mr. Hardware: I’m not going to be receiving a year’s supply of rice-a-roni.
Person: sorry, the trucks are already on their way, you’ll have to discuss it with the company.
Mr. Hardware: If you say sorry to me again I will kill you.
Person: my, my, such a poor sport. who’s our next contestant?
Mr. Hardware: Me.
Person: you are ineligible to play again, and even if you were eligible, we don’t allow dangerous individuals on the premises, so we have called the police.
Mr. Hardware: No, I’m not ineligible to play again.
Person: yes you are. goodbye.

Pwned By A Bot

Person: Can you tell me the knock knock joke?
Anne Intertech: knock knock
Person: who is there?
Anne Intertech: Imago
Person: Imago who?
Anne Intertech: Well, i guess Imago ahead and tell you.
Person: go ahead….
Anne Intertech: Sure!
Person: I’m waiting….
Anne Intertech: You poor dear.