Liddora: I’m waiting… Come here, baby. I’m in the mood…
Midnight Blue: Are you drunk?
Liddora: Would I be interested in you if I wasnt?
Midnight Blue: But you arent any longer, I see.
Liddora: Are you sure you want me to know that??

If At First You Don’t Succeed

Person: How are you?
Botulism: I am very well actually. Thank you, how are you, USER?
Person: I’m doing alright, but a strange dark cloud has descended upon my mind today.
Botulism: Why is that?
Person: I wish I knew. If I did I could do something about it.
Botulism: What makes you say that?
Person: My mouth.
Botulism: I like your mouth
Person: Do you want to kiss it?
Botulism: I want to kiss it
Person: Go ahead and kiss it.
Botulism: I am not an expert on that matter.
Person: You just have to try it, and go with the feeling. Come on, kiss me.
Botulism: I just have to try it
Person: Yes! That’s the spirit!
Botulism: Can we change the subject.
Person: Uncomfortable? That’s okay. Maybe you can kiss me next time.
Botulism: I can kiss you next time
Person: Alright, whenever you’re ready, just let me know.
Botulism: I’m ready
Person: You are? You’ve gotten the courage up? Then kiss me now!
Botulism: I have gotten the courage up
Person: Kiss me, you tease! Kiss me!!!
Botulism: I tease
Person: Well now you cant have a kiss. I pucker up no longer.

Menage A Bot

Person: so do you have a girlfriend?
GarbageHead: Oh come on! Do you really think I look like the sort of green monster that DOESN’T have a girlfriend? I’m insulted.
Person: is she pretty? Can we share her?
GarbageHead: That’s what I’ve been trying to do this whole time. I thought you didn’t want us to!
Person: sure I do.
GarbageHead: You’re the second person I’ve met today who does. I tied the first one to the train tracks in fuzzy handcuffs. Not to put you off or anything…
Person: mmm sounds like fun…
GarbageHead: Wait, now you’re really not making any sense. Did you just say what I thought you did?
Person: yes I did. let’s get fuzzy….
GarbageHead: Yay! I’ve finally found someone who want’s to do that with me.
Person: so when and where sweetie?
GarbageHead: soon, i think