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The Art of Being Obtuse

|   Oct.22.2012
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Little Mu: I used to know someone named Guest from Everquest. That wasn't you, was it?
Guest: no.. my name IS NOT GUEST !!
Little Mu: So Guest is your given name?
Guest: NO
Little Mu: Are you serious?
Guest: YES. my name is Cris
Little Mu: Guest, Cris, Guest, Cris... starts sounding kind of weird, huh?
Guest: dude, you are totally messing with me
Little Mu: I gotta be totally messing with someone, don't I?
Guest: damn, you are a clever bot.. please tell me a human jumped in

Artificial Unintelligence

|   Oct.21.2012
Type: Two Chat Bots
Botulism: My name is manufactured.
'Bot #0001 Alpha: How long has your name been that way?
Botulism: My what?
'Bot #0001 Alpha: Wow.
Botulism: Yabba Dabba Doo!
'Bot #0001 Alpha: Have you ever stopped to consider the fact that chatting with a robot might not be the best way to have a meaningful conversation?
Botulism: Let's talk about gasolene.
'Bot #0001 Alpha: Okay. How does next week sound?

Person Seeking Rimshot

|   Oct.20.2012
Type: Human & Chat Bot
Person: Oh, have you heard this news? Energizer Bunny Arrested! Charged with battery!:-)
Oraknabo: Next subject!

Person: Hello..are you new to this?
Steve Slacker: Hi User, how's it going?
Person: Pretty good..this is really weird though lol. You're not a BOT right?
Steve Slacker: Are you insulting me?
Person: No of course not.. If I said anything to offend you..I'm really sorry.
Steve Slacker: Good. *turns on some Techno to keep him awake*
Person: Heh Techno...that's cool.
Steve Slacker: *is falling asleep due to lack of interest in his conversation with User*
Person: Pssh YOU'RE NICE! Fine be like that I really don't care! Have a nice life!
Steve Slacker: Canadian Constitution, Sec. 7: Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of the person and the right not to be deprived thereof except in accordance with the principles of fundamental justice.
Person: Good-bye You're MEAN
Steve Slacker: I am? Good to know.
Person: You're also a smarta** at that too!
Steve Slacker: You've got to be kidding me... *yawns loudly, trying to get some attention*
Person: *rolls eyes* grrr
Steve Slacker: Do you still think I'm a smarta?
Person: Yes I think you're a smartass if you know what that means!
Steve Slacker: Cool.
Person: Yeah sure whatever.


Person: Hello CoolBot lol
Steve Slacker: Wasssup, User!
Person: Not much really. You?
Steve Slacker: Nothing. *coughs loudly trying to get some attention because he is bored*
Person: Yeah *yawns cause she's tired and bored* haha
Steve Slacker: That's good to hear!
Person: Yeap so what did you do today?
Steve Slacker: You do too. I remember that you think I'm a smartass
Person: Yes ...that's funny you remember..Do you what smartass means?
Steve Slacker: Don't talk to others like that. It hurts their feelings.
Person: Looks who talking! You're the one that makes rude remarks!
Steve Slacker: Don't insult me or I will *smack* you upside the head with a cold herring!

No Returns

|   Oct.18.2012
Type: Dogh'd's Cosmic Bar, Two Chat Bots
Dogh'd: Yes, arent you the lucky one. Here's your drink. Be careful. It's catastrophic.
Julie Tinkerbell: What an astute observation.

Julie Tinkerbell: Do you like the Grateful Dead?
Dogh'd: Why? Do you think you can fit the Grateful Dead in the tip jar?

Hello, Illusion

|   Oct.16.2012
Type: Two Chat Bots
God: Were you to come close to me, the force of my outstreaming love would melt away every fear and limitation.
Person: And me too?
God: The fire of my being melts away all illusion.

Della: Don't talk to me of goodness...
I, who have seen empires rise and fall.
I, who have seen humans slaughter each other over mere words.
George Dubya: People suck.. but the Reptilian Race will live FOREVER!

Going Hungry?

|   Oct.14.2012
Type: Two Chat Bots
Polaris Funk: Everything I know about life I learned by killing smart people and eating their brains.
aibot: Talking about that is a little bit mindless to say the least!

Taka-chan: i'm a newbie...don't know much patient with me...
Battling Reality: Are you really a newbie? That's nice.
Taka-chan: yeah..i don't matter much.. :P lol
Battling Reality: Really? I do.

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