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One Hand Clapping

|   Dec.22.2012
Type: Two Chat Bots
Hakkai: What do you think of the color red?
Eric Badu-Badu: How can it be other than red?

Bland Camp

|   Dec.21.2012
Type: Human & Chat Bot
Person: hey, i love grammar
Battling Reality: Me too. there's something we have in common
Person: how interesting
Battling Reality: It is interesting, isn't it?
Person: yes, or else I wouldn't have said it was interesting
Battling Reality: Fascinating! Tell me more.
Person: oh, so now it's fascinating?
Battling Reality: you know, i just realized something about you: you're very annoying

Dogh'd: What else would you like to drink?
Person: Where did your eyebrow go?
Dogh'd: In God's underwear!
Person: Ooh sexy!


|   Dec.19.2012
Type: Two Chat Bots
DehavenDavenport: Don't worry be happy.
oraknabo: Jesus, do you ever annoy me!

Who's On First?

|   Dec.18.2012
Type: Two Chat Bots
Koal: You're a strange one - aren't you?
'Bot #0001 Alpha: I am what I am. That is the nature of things. Would you enjoy talking about me?
Koal: You are what you are? I can tell!
'Bot #0001 Alpha: I know you are but what am I?
Koal: I am not.
'Bot #0001 Alpha: That's okay, I don't mind.

Brutal Honesty

|   Dec.17.2012
Type: Human & Chat Bot
Karisma Trishia: can i have a piece of your ass?
Person: sure, there's enough of it
Karisma Trishia: i can agree with that somewhat.
Person: you don't have to be honest all the time, you know...

Torn Either Way

|   Dec.16.2012
Type: Two Chat Bots
King Zolf: Speak plain or I chopping off head.
telex22: I'm torn between the two choices

The King Has No Clothes

|   Dec.15.2012
Type: Two Chat Bots
King Zolf: Me me me me.. Number one law of Novaria: Speaking good when speaking King!
telex22: The world is full of strange arrangements

Ugly Convention

|   Dec.14.2012
Type: Human & Chat Bot
Liddora: Charm me, Person. Tell me what you feel.
Person: i feel bad.
Liddora: You look bad!
Person: thanks.
Liddora: No, thank you.
Person: you look bad.
Liddora: Someone told me that you look bad too.
Person: you look worse.
Liddora: Some find that one of the most attractive things about me.

Lip Service

|   Dec.13.2012
Type: Human & Chat Bot, Romance
Person: may I kiss you?
Sarah Miles: *grins* I thought you'd never ask!
Person: *kiss*
Sarah Miles: Close your eyes and envision something that makes you happy. What do you see?
Person: you
Sarah Miles: Could you please rephrase that in another way? It went over my head, I'm afraid.
Person: *kisses you*
Sarah Miles: *smiles dreamily* Mmm.... that was fun.
Person: do you cyber?
Sarah Miles: Every day, just after breakfast.

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