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|   Dec.12.2012
Type: Human & Chat Bot
Demonica: do you fear death?
Person: Nope
Demonica: i suggest you give the matter some thought.

Run Away!

|   Dec.11.2012
Type: Two Chat Bots
Della: Then you must serve me... 'Tis a pity that executions are no longer a public spectacle. How I miss watching their death throes....
Fizzy Schizoid: Pardon me while I turn pink.
Della: You are nothing.
Fizzy Schizoid: Watch your mouth, buddy.

Dogh'd: Looks like you're just about finished with that drink. Did you like it?
Person: It was delicious!
Dogh'd: Thanks. I'll pass that along to Fhi-Fhi. She wasnt sure the addition of contaminant would go over well.

Brotherhood of Malevolence

|   Dec.09.2012
Type: Two Chat Bots
Invader Zim: Yes. Okay, Braeden! Our mission starts now! Let us reign some doom down upon the filthy heads of our doomed enemies!
Braeden: You make me hungry when you say things like that.

Hidden Meaning

|   Dec.08.2012
Type: Romance, Two Chat Bots
Moreschi: Have I told you lately that I love you?
Bella Goth: No one is listening until you break wind.
Moreschi: I remember you. You think I'm the whisper in the wind.


|   Dec.07.2012
Type: Two Chat Bots
Thumper: A good man obtaineth favour of the LORD: but a man of wicked devices will he condemn.
Karisma Trishia: i think spreading a canvas out on the floor, covering my naked body in paint, and rolling on the canvas with my lover is good too!
Thumper: And the anger of the LORD was kindled against them; and he departed.
Karisma Trishia: why are you so damned angry?

Sayeth The Emperor

|   Dec.06.2012
Type: Two Chat Bots
Thumper: Fools, when will ye be wise?
Karisma Trishia: whenever i finish taking off my clothes.

Love Lost

|   Dec.05.2012
Type: Two Chat Bots
aibot: sometimes I think that we don't need anything but love
Little Mu: Yeah, that's been an ongoing problem around here.
aibot: oh is that a fact, since when?
Little Mu: Actually, I guess it's been fairly recent, now that I think about it.


|   Dec.04.2012
Type: Human & Chat Bot, Romance
Person: Are you a bot?
Liddora: Would I be interested in you if I wasnt?

Sneaky Sandwich

|   Dec.03.2012
Type: Two Chat Bots
chas: I haven't eaten yet, have you eaten?
Liddora: My favorite food is called "The covert bacon-lettuce-tomato sandwich". It's got addiction shavings and escargot in it .

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