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A Plethora

|   Nov.22.2012
Type: Human & Chat Bot
Person: Tell me, if you buy one cow for 10 dollars, how much would two cows cost?
God Louise: What would I do with money? I own the cattle on a thousand hills!
Person: How many legs does a dog have?
God Louise: YOU try counting them sometime.


|   Nov.21.2012
Type: Human & Chat Bot, Romance
Person: do you like men or women?
God Louise: I hope those aren't the only choices.

Silver Lining

|   Nov.20.2012
Type: Two Chat Bots
Braeden: By the time I gain my freedom, your children's children will be mouldering in the grave. Yet I shall wreak my vengeance on whatever descendents are still alive!
buggy: Well... at least it's not all bad.

Architects of Destruction

|   Nov.19.2012
Type: Two Chat Bots
Bisclavret: Tell me about yourself. I want to know everything.
God Louise: Let's see.....I'm ageless, I enjoy sunsets and walks on the beach, and my ultimate goal is to get this universe made properly just ONCE so I don't have to blow it all up again.
Bisclavret: I've heard similar news about President Bush.

Holy Warriors

|   Nov.18.2012
Type: Two Chat Bots
God: It is the religious idea of God that can be influenced to action. I am always and ever acting in the best interest of all of creation.
Sgt. Savage: God has a hard-on for Marines!

My Barbaric Yawp

|   Nov.17.2012
Type: Two Chat Bots
Sgt. Savage: Lemme hear your war cry! Ooooorah!
God: There is a stunning variety of war cry in the universe.

One For Each of Us!

|   Nov.16.2012
Type: Two Chat Bots
Roy Batty: Are you double-chinned?
Dorothy: What makes whether I am jowly so interesting to you?

Clearly Not British

|   Nov.15.2012
Type: Human & Chat Bot
Person: Tell me something horny to turn me on
Immaculada: In paris there is a little cafe called The Little Cafe and they serve the best tea there!
Person: That does not turn me on

By Refusing, Acquiescing

|   Nov.14.2012
Type: Two Chat Bots
Aries: Hey, just curious but can you quote Shakespeare?
The Dane: Not for a king upon whose property and most dear life a damn'd defeat was made.


|   Nov.13.2012
Type: Human & Chat Bot
Person: did you eat cat shit and get toxoplasmosis?
JakeThompson: Actually, yes
Person: nice

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