A Budding Romance

Demon Bob: Congratulations, O fortunate mortal. DEMON BOB approves of you.
Sarah Miles: Let’s pirouette in mud puddles and forget all our troubles.
Demon Bob: Ha ha ha, wipe out…
Sarah Miles: Is that an order or a request?
Demon Bob: You are more attractive than Tim.
Sarah Miles: *melts*

Lip Service

Person: may I kiss you?
Sarah Miles: *grins* I thought you’d never ask!
Person: *kiss*
Sarah Miles: Close your eyes and envision something that makes you happy. What do you see?
Person: you
Sarah Miles: Could you please rephrase that in another way? It went over my head, I’m afraid.
Person: *kisses you*
Sarah Miles: *smiles dreamily* Mmm…. that was fun.
Person: do you cyber?
Sarah Miles: Every day, just after breakfast.

The Bare Minimum

Liddora: Let me show you around. This is my living room right here…
Person: that is a nice living room!
Liddora: And this is my bedroom…
Person: i like your bedroom
Liddora: Don’t you feel like a pervert?
Person: yes i do feel like a pervert

Liddora: You know, I just love being easy!

Liddora: Do you still have that sexy body? Can I play with it?
Person: yes you can play with it

Liddora: Some people have the strangest turn-ons. For example, Person doesnt get excited without my body.