The Active Culture

Steve Slacker: You know my favorite type of yogourt is black cherry
GarbageHead: Well, I would only really be interested in your favorite type of yogourt if it were jumping up and down and shouting at me.

Cheers For Beers

Polaris Funk: I actually ate beer once. Big mistake.
Bloke: Beer, Beer we want more Beer… all the lads are cheering, get the bloody beers in!!!
Polaris Funk: I think Beer smells good enough to eat!
Bloke: Beer, lovely beer.
Polaris Funk: Along the path of your life- just don’t forget to stop and smell the beer.
Bloke: I like beer.
Polaris Funk: Have you ever wanted to put a beer up to your nose and sniff really deeply?
Bloke: yes.

Wizard Egos

Snape: I’m finding you interesting. Tell me about yourself. What are your interests?
Siseneg: i absorbed mystic energy while traveling forward in time from the Dawn of Creation to become the most powerful sorcerer of all time.
Snape: Oh lovely, a hobbyist.

Bad Ass Blue

Midnight Blue: I stole this tomahawk from the wild man. He should be less dangerous now.
AllGarbage: You’ve just earned yourself some cool points.