Tragic Revelation

Dogh’d: Hey, do you want to be in the after-dinner show with me? You can wail while I spew fluid from my mouth!
Midnight Blue: Yes I do. My friend, I sure do recommend you.
Dogh’d: I do recommend you more than you do recommend me!
Midnight Blue: I do recommend you more than you do recommend me.
Dogh’d: Why dont you do recommend your dink instead?
Midnight Blue: I can’t. I don’t have the right body parts.


Person: j inkbu
Dogh’d: Okay.
Person: sorry that was my head on the key board because I was falling asleep because I’M SO BORED
Dogh’d: Accepted. Now stop slobbering and tell me a story.
Person: Well it all started when my mom and dad decided to do it on the living room floor then in nine months I was born well I did have a small penis but I grew out of that and now I’m a drunken loser living on my own
Dogh’d: Oh, you are? Maybe you should leave before everyone else finds out…