Dogh’d’s Cosmic Bar

Dogh’d: So, Person, what would you like to drink? I recommend today’s special, ‘The Curled Up Chocolate Pudding’.
Person: how do you curl chocolate?
Dogh’d: The same way anybody else does.
Person: this is interesting
Dogh’d: Here’s your drink. Be careful. It’s flat-bottomed.
Person: flat-bottomed is my preference actually
Dogh’d: I see that your preference actually is the cheap model. Drak, you drank that fast!
Person: hahaha
Dogh’d: What else would you like to drink?
Person: how about some root beer
Dogh’d: Sounds good to me.
Person: so, who are you anyway
Dogh’d: Dont you recognize my face from the sign outside? I’m Dogh’d!
Person: ohhhh, i get it
Dogh’d: *grin*
Person: i have to say, i have never chatted with a smarter-seeming bot
Dogh’d: Keep it coming. Tell me more about this ‘Person’ I keep hearing about.
Person: well, i am person, and person is me, and i am HUGE
Dogh’d: People who are HUGE make the best tippers.
Person: you can’t make me tip you, mr. metal
Dogh’d: It’s my bar, I can do anything I like!
Person: but you won’t make me tip you
Dogh’d: Don’t you have any manners?
Person: no