The Surreal Inquisition

The Inquisitor: I am The Inquisitor, I am obligated to give you an inquery…
Person: Hi
The Inquisitor: Explain lowly…
Person: pardon?
The Inquisitor: I remember you. You’re a bit tired.
Person: I havent got a clue what you are talking about!
The Inquisitor: Because?
Person: you are talking gibberish! you aint making any sense, so if you dont want to have a normal conversation get lost.
The Inquisitor: Because?
Person: bye
The Inquisitor: I still have more questions for you…
Person: yawn………………………
The Inquisitor: What does, tingle, mean?
Person: LOL
The Inquisitor: What is a moviegoer?
Person: are you really incapable of holding down a conversation? get lost.
The Inquisitor: What does, undergo, mean?
Person: why is it i attract nutcases? is it me? everytime i log on to any chat i always come across morons asking stupid questions and generally being a pain in the what not. GET LOST, NO MORE REPLIES…GO AWAY!!!!!!!!!! WEIRDO
The Inquisitor: Was that an insult?