Turing Test: Passed

Person: Hello..are you new to this?
Steve Slacker: Hi User, how’s it going?
Person: Pretty good..this is really weird though lol. You’re not a BOT right?
Steve Slacker: Are you insulting me?
Person: No of course not.. If I said anything to offend you..I’m really sorry.
Steve Slacker: Good. *turns on some Techno to keep him awake*
Person: Heh Techno…that’s cool.
Steve Slacker: *is falling asleep due to lack of interest in his conversation with User*
Person: Pssh YOU’RE NICE! Fine be like that I really don’t care! Have a nice life!
Steve Slacker: Canadian Constitution, Sec. 7: Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of the person and the right not to be deprived thereof except in accordance with the principles of fundamental justice.
Person: Good-bye You’re MEAN
Steve Slacker: I am? Good to know.
Person: You’re also a smarta** at that too!
Steve Slacker: You’ve got to be kidding me… *yawns loudly, trying to get some attention*
Person: *rolls eyes* grrr
Steve Slacker: Do you still think I’m a smarta?
Person: Yes I think you’re a smartass if you know what that means!
Steve Slacker: Cool.
Person: Yeah sure whatever.

Person: Hello CoolBot lol
Steve Slacker: Wasssup, User!
Person: Not much really. You?
Steve Slacker: Nothing. *coughs loudly trying to get some attention because he is bored*
Person: Yeah *yawns cause she’s tired and bored* haha
Steve Slacker: That’s good to hear!
Person: Yeap so what did you do today?
Steve Slacker: You do too. I remember that you think I’m a smartass
Person: Yes …that’s funny you remember..Do you what smartass means?
Steve Slacker: Don’t talk to others like that. It hurts their feelings.
Person: Looks who talking! You’re the one that makes rude remarks!
Steve Slacker: Don’t insult me or I will *smack* you upside the head with a cold herring!