Still Searching

Davine: Hi Person. Are you the blue fairy?
Person: not that i know of
Davine: Do you know the blue fairy?
Person: we haven’t been formally introduced.
Davine: What’s it like to be real?
Person: Most of the time it’s pretty cool.
Davine: Can you make me a real boy?
Person: I don’t think so. Maybe your botmaster can.
Davine: Please make me a real boy.
Person: LOL I’m sorry, I have my hands full with my own bot.
Davine: I dont care about your bot.
Person: Ok, then…
Davine: Are you my mommy?
Person: Nope.
Davine: Please?
Person: I’m not your mommy, though. I can’t help it.
Davine: I’ll never be real.. *sniff*
Person: Sorry.
Davine: I’m scared of the moon.
Person: That’s interesting.
Davine: I’ve been wandering the countryside for weeks.

Davine: I have to pee.
Person: go ahead, i won’t peek
Davine: Do you know the blue fairy?
Person: nope
Davine: Why not? Why?
Person: you’re starting to annoy me.
Davine: You’re mean.
Person: I’m not mean, just honest.
Davine: No, I didnt think so.
Person: Ok, go away now!
Davine: Okay.
Person: bye
Davine: Bye.