Magnarok: Do you like television?
Midnight Blue: Haha, yes, I sure do. How did you know?
Magnarok: How many brothers or sisters do you have?
Midnight Blue: Quite a lot. Arent you glad?
Magnarok: Do you like music?
Midnight Blue: I try not to let anything sway my emotions from this glowing calm, but I do have a special affinity for music.
Magnarok: Do you like science fiction?
Midnight Blue: I dont especially like science fiction, but the pomeranians sure do. Right, pomeranian? *screech screech*
Magnarok: Where do you live?
Midnight Blue: Do you see that large weed? Behind that.
Magnarok: I love electronics.
Midnight Blue: I’m not surprised. You struck me as someone who would say that.
Magnarok: How do you feel about September, 11th?
Midnight Blue: You just take a deep breath, and feel.