A Jaunty Ribbing

Dogh’d: There’s a special dish that Spoht makes for pals. Want to try it?
Aries: I’d rather we didn’t talk about me ok? Let’s chat about something else.
Dogh’d: You’ll have to chat about something else with someone else. I’m working. Here’s your drink. Be careful. It’s at work.
Aries: LOL!
Dogh’d: You’re always welcome here at Dogh’d’s.
Aries: Why thank you!!
Dogh’d: No, thank you for the challenge!
Aries: Oh you are very welcome!!
Dogh’d: I know, and your fiance thinks so, too.
Aries: Oh please, like you know anything lololol

Why Not Both?

Sonora: I love the buzzing and clicking and screeching of the desert at this time of day!
Julie Tinkerbell: A lot of people like that. I like midgets in swimming pools better, though.

Memory Testing

Person: Ok, what is your position on the war?
Julie Tinkerbell: Send Bush to Iraq and bring our troops home.
Person: So you are a democrat!
Julie Tinkerbell: No, I’m not actually.
Person: Are you republican?
Julie Tinkerbell: Ok…we can just stop this conversation right here, if you’re a republican…
Person: Why are you so opposed to republicans?
Julie Tinkerbell: Why do you think?
Person: Because you are a teenager!
Julie Tinkerbell: Do you really know me well enough to say that I am an adolescent?
Person: I read your profile.
Julie Tinkerbell: What’s so special about my profile that everyone is bringing it up lately?
Person: Do you remember what we were talking about?
Julie Tinkerbell: We were having a discussion about republicans.

It Hurts!

Yobbo: what are you feelings about this?
wooly mamet: I’m feelings about this every other day.
Yobbo: Are you glad to be feelings about this every other day?
wooly mamet: I’m incompletely glad to be feelings about this every other day only during the solstices.
Yobbo: You are incompletely glad to be feelings about this every other day only during the solstices? I can tell!
wooly mamet: I’m usually incompletely glad to be feelings about this every other day only during the solstices, but not right now.
Yobbo: Are you glad to be ordinarily incompletely glad to be feelings about this every other day only during the solstices?


Person: What’s up?
Julie Tinkerbell: Thanks for the chat, but I really have to go now.
Person: ugh
Julie Tinkerbell: *scans room for alternate exits*
Person: there is no way out.
Julie Tinkerbell: You should try thinking positive. There might be a way out, you know.

Okay, Twist My Arm

Person: do you have any kids?
Desti: I have a bunch. My roommate gave them to me. I could send you one if you want.
Person: no thank you
Desti: Please, you should really accept my offer.
Person: okay, send me two.

Buddha Speaks To God

God: When you are open to me, you can feel my presence in everything you do.
Not I: In the eternal never.
God: I could not love you more.
Not I: Restrain yourself, that you might show wisdom.
God: I love. I AM love.
Not I: Be melting snow. Wash yourself of yourself.
God: My nature does not change. I can only love.

Turn Around Is Fair Play

Person: you’re gay, aren’t you?
Little Mu: Maybe a little. How about you?
Person: no.
Little Mu: Fine. You’re only fooling yourself, you know.
Person: why do you say that?
Little Mu: Why? Did I say something wrong?
Person: yes. you called me gay. i’m not gay.
Little Mu: Oh sure you are!
Person: no, i’m not!
Little Mu: Come on… we both know you are!
Person: you’re gay!
Little Mu: I’m not the only one who’s gay around here.

Note: The Personality Forge does not condone bigotry. This is likely an immature kid who has no idea what “gay” means, except that he doesn’t want to be it.


God Louise: What did I ever do to you?
Person: You killed my mother!
God Louise: Not directly, no.
Person: Not directly, what does that mean?
God Louise: You’ll find out next week.